How To Design A Room: The 3 Steps You Need To Know To Create Your Dream Space.

We joke that after this post goes live , we’ll do do a collective blog mix drop and retire. For some reason it seems hilarious to me that we have never written a ”how to design a room ”post – one article can’t encapsulate it all , obviously , but I will be referencing this post for years . My creative process s not only way , but if you follow these steps , you can get a room that is functional , comfortable, cohesive, stylish which reflects your personality, AND meets your needs without it taking years or costing a fortune . I’m not saying that it’s easy or that anyone can just pick up and easy do it but this post WILL HELP.


Step 1 is truly where most people get paralyzed and they stop before they start. Yes you are likely a mix of styles. And yes , mixing your mix of styles with a partner’s mix of styles is indeed challenging (and brain melting). But it can be done and it will make your home look more like your collective selves. Your style has and will continue to evolve and it’s hard for it not to be tied to the greater zeitgeist, but that’s ok! So think about what styles you are most consistently drawn to, whether it’s mid-century modern, traditional, modern farmhouse, etc., or a mix of them. Just know that all styles can be mixed together if you have a consistent color palette .Get specific with your “pins search” to sort through all the generic photos. Don’t just put in “bedroom,” put in “bedroom cozy Emily Henderson” or “bedroom colorful domino”. Try brands and designers that you like (who will likely have clear and elevated photos), otherwise it can be very daunting. Some brands we use are Elle Décor, Amber Interiors, Studio McGee, Domino, and of course Emily Henderson. There are a million more, but it sends a message to the Interest algorithm that that is the type of pin you like so it will be able to give you more of what you’re looking for.
Also, within this first step, you want to ask yourself what mood do you want to provoke? What you want your friends to FEEL when they walk through your door. Use expressive adjectives to answer that. Designing a room that is “exciting” is different than “calm.”


This is where the fun really begins, but it can be messy and that’s ok. You have your pin board, sure, but now you need to see all the pieces together to make sure the room as a whole looks good. You want to put pieces together to ensure that it’s visually balanced, that you don’t have too many stripes or too many pieces of furniture with legs (it’s nice to have a couple that have a solid base for contrast).We use Keynote and Google Slides. Of course, you can use Photoshop if you know how (my team ultimately puts any of the slides we want to show in Photoshop for the blog or for clients). But the playing around should be easy and fast, and I promise it’s SO MUCH FASTER in Keynote or Google Slides.


  • Simply screenshot the piece you want to play with and the image .
  • Open Keynote or Google Slides.
  • Drag and drop the pieces that you have screenshot.
  • Size and rotate each piece to look more like a room
  • Play with WAY more than just one rug or sofa.
  • MAKE SURE to also pin these pieces from their source/store/website.
  • Screenshot pieces that are similar to what you already have.
  • Incorporate in dream vintage pieces.
  • It doesn’t have to be pretty.
  • Work within your color palette.


We are getting so close to your beautifully designed room. Now, professional designers order almost everything at once, but that’s after rounds of edits and approvals. Don’t feel pressured to work that way!. If you are feeling less confident in your overall design, order the big stuff and build the room more slowly to ensure it’s truly working .But before you purchase, make sure they will fit (tape off rug, bed or sofa on the floor). Nothing is a bigger bummer than finally getting your beautiful sofa delivered and realizing it can’t fit through the door. So, always check the specs (measurements) of a piece with an actual tape measure in your space, don’t just guess by looking at the online photo.

Once you have all of your main pieces in place it’s time to make the room special, full of soul, and unique to you. Know that things might change, mistakes will be made, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Put art in an unexpected place, frame an object in a clear box – really just play around with your lamps, pillows, books, decorative objects, etc. We have a whole section on the site dedicated to just this topic so be sure to check it out and get all of our tips and tricks.
Well, there you have it. It’s not “hard” to design a room but it takes time and patience (and usually some money). But boy is it worth it when you get to come home to a space you love.
Now trust me when I say there is A LOT more to dive into but that’s why we are here, to answer your questions and give you info you didn’t even realize you needed. So let’s chat in the comments and let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help xx.

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