7 Different Types of Wallpaper used in Interior Designing

We all know that the wallpapers are trending these days, we admit, buying wallpaper is confusing. It’s like you have to educate yourself on a whole new set of words and jargon before you can make a purchase. The wallcovering industry has spent a lot of time trying figure out how to make the whole process as easy and pain free as possible but as you can probably tell, there are limits due to the sheer number of variations. Hence, the reason why there are so many roll sizes (single rolls, double rolls, triple rolls and quadruple rolls) as every manufacturer has their own unique standard of measurement.

However, for this article we are just talking about the material a wallpaper is made from. This is also referred to as the backing or finish, all three terms being used interchangeably. 7 types of wallpaper used commonly in designing interiors are mentioned below:

Vinyl Wallpaper

 This wallpaper has a paper substrate on which the decorative surface has been sprayed or coated with an acrylic type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These wallpapers are classified as scrubbable and strippable, and are suitable in most any area. These papers are better resistant to grease and moisture than plain paper, and are good for bathrooms and kitchens.  It is the most commonly used type of wallpaper, currently, because of its high durability. 

Non-Woven Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper material is made from natural plant fiber refined, and equipped with high-quality natural wood. Hence, they are in fact a complete different level material as they are environment friendly natural items which give them a edge in the current technology. It also have an excellent heat and sound insulation which is applicable to any kind of room. They are more durable than other paper substrates.

Paper Wallpaper

 This type of wallpaper refers to wallpaper with a paper substrate/ground combination upon which the decorative layer is printed. True papers are not coated, but some may have a coating applied to seal in the inks. Because this type of wallpaper varies widely, check the label for attributes of the pattern/brand you want to purchase. It’s cheaper in comparison to other types of wallpapers and is the most obvious choice for wallpaper for living room.

Fiberglass Wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper is a kind of cloth made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is a natural material used for its production of dolomite, soda, silica sand and lime. Fiberglass wallpaper is a great way to treat often appearing wall cracks. Special water-resistant adhesive and glass fiber provide a barrier for dampness showing through. Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material. It is one of the most environmentally friendly and durable coatings for walls.

Textile Wallpaper

 Natural textile wallpapers are made using natural fibers that have been laminated to a paper or acrylic backing, which improves its durability. Textile wallpapers are almost the oldest types of wall decoration. Since eras with mix of different fashion trends, it has maintained its place in interior home decoration.  It is consists of two layers. The first layer is of fabric material and the second layer is of the non-woven substrate.  It can be made of: silk, cotton, linen, felt, raffia, twines or feathers can all be used to gorgeous effect.

Liquid Wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is a water-based applicable material to decorate the interiors similar to paints. They are made of eco-friendly materials such as plant fibers, glues, additives, etc.
They do not contain any harmful chemicals & toxic substances. Liquid wallpaper is the best option for a quick and beautiful transformation of the interior of living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms and even offices.

Embossed Wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper is basically an embossed color patterned wallpaper with a decorative finish. Embossing is a process of imparting a specific pattern or raised effect to the surface by pressure or embroidery. Thus it name itself explain its type. Embossed wallpapers are a stylish option for all kinds of room in the home. When you are looking for any exciting texture in your walls or ceiling, embossed wallpaper is a great choice.

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