Break Out the Macrame and Earth Tones—1970’s Design Is Making a Major Comeback

Imagine yourself being invited to a party in the 21st century to one of the best interior designers’ houses. You mark the calendar , finish up with your shopping and are all set to go there. Finally the day of party arrives and the level of excitement on your face is unmatched  You enter the house and it feels like you have travelled back in time but for the better coz the interior designing is all for the 70s with the best decoration designs for the 70s .and the 70s lovers.  The pink, purple, and orange shapes undulating on the wallpaper are echoed by the orange shag carpet and wiggly plastic furniture; low-hanging lamps cast warm light and intriguing shadows over the chatting guests. Still not very clear with the design of 70s no worries this blog’s for you. Visualize the 70s design more vividly and take a trip down memory lane.


Terrazzo flooring dominated the 70s as it caught the eye of the most prolific designers and soon became the talk of the town. Terazzo flooring came to be known for its aesthetic and varied designs coupled with its inexpensive cost which also is said to be its major reason for comeback in the flooring market. It offers a vast scope for customization and are considered to be one of the easiest to maintain as well.

A few types include :

  • Epoxy terrazzo
  • Cementious terrazzo


The furniture style turned bulkier from the usual slim and slender like design in the 1970s. The color choice for the people in the 70s became warm earth tone styled colors. Avocado greens, harvest golds, oranges, and earthy browns dominated the color palettes of furniture and accompanying decor. Additionally the furniture designs also included shag-pile carpet, textured walls, lacquered furniture, gaudy lampshadeslava lamps, and molded plastic furniture.   These unique designs are one of the reasons why the 70s designs are all set to make a comeback among all the retro designs.

Apart from all the wide variety of interior designs that the 70s had in store for us , one of the major reasons for its comeback is linked to the fact due to which it made its very entry in the market i.e to find the right balance and link between aesthetic  and environment friendly designs. With world leaders taking a revolutionary stand on the act of Climate change , the 70s design are seen as a mechanism for spreading this message of solidarity and unison regarding everyone’s concern towards their environment.

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