Top Bedroom Designs in 2022 – Best is yet to come

Nothing beats a good night’s rest in your tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the home. Each year there have been several trends. Read on for the hottest 2022 trends to update bedroom designs.

Over the diversified trends each year, there is one thing in common – comfort. Along with high quality, furniture fills the bedroom, which provides a luxurious touch.

Quality above Quantity

In recent times, people have been spending more time at home due to changing trends in lifestyle.

You like modern design with its simple themes and clean lines, which make you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Today’s bedroom needs to be a convertible/modified which can be used for both luxuries as well as office purpose.

Contexture Light solutions

To sleep better at night we should close our overheads light one hour before sleep so, that we give adequate time to our eyes for adjustment in darkness.

This bought up the concept of low lighting which was immersed as a trend for designers.

The latest tech of smart lighting means that we can control lights just with our phones or by voice assistant.

In 2022 it acts as a primary source of light as they are adjustable for the purpose. We can use this concept under our bed, wardrobes, and side table lamp, which provides a hotel-like feel and added touch of ambience.

Multi-Functional Furniture

In recent times, many of us are working from home, due to which Multi-functional furniture is an essential year ahead.

Leaving aside from necessity, you get more for your money by investing in multifunctional furniture, which is a simple way to save space.

Ottoman Beds

As we have less space to work with, the ottoman beds provide a hidden space for storage, which acts as a great option in the present situation.

It helps in saving space by providing a wide area below. A large storing compartment helps us to provide everything at hand, such as clean sheets and pillowcases. To organize the space under your bed even better, use clear storage boxes with lids or vacuum storage bags.


Panelling will be a popular style in 2022, as it adds warmth, depth, character and texture to rooms. This updates any room instantly and looks great behind the bed rather than normal cardboard cut-outs.

It makes a feel of a sophisticated focal point along with an authentic homely feel to the bedroom.

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