14 Ways to make a small apartment look bigger

Want to make your apartment look bigger? These are 14 tips that will help you make use of your small space wisely. 

  1. Using light colors for walls and decor

Using colors like white, sky blue and baby pink will give the feeling of bigness to the room.

  1. Using Mirrors

Adding big mirrors to specific places in your apartment can help you give off an illusion of a big apartment.

  1. Unobstructed Pathways

Clear pathways and unobstructed views near the entrance and passages can help in giving the appearance of bigger and longer rooms and hallways.

  1. Using Light and Breezy Fabrics

Fabrics that are light and breezy for curtains and bed sheets can help in making the rooms feel airy.

  1. Lights and Glowness

Having a well lit room and using special colored lights can bring you one step closer to giving of that nice vibe to your rooms.

  1. Using Transparent material for furniture

Using materials like glass and lucite can give double the visual space hence helping you increase the illusion of bigger rooms. 

  1. Go for “Less But Bigger” 

Instead of cluttering your space with multiple small furniture like tables and chairs, opt for filling space with 1 big table and chairs that work around it.

  1. Cleanliness 

Keeping the place neat and tidy, helps in just more than keeping the place clean. It also helps in making your rooms bigger with things in their respective places.

  1. Using Rugs

Using rugs with small prints and solid colors that compliments your light color walls and sofas can help you make a nice breezy feeling.

  1.  Painting Ceilings  

Applying paint or wallpapers to your ceilings of your room will draw everyone’s attention to them, which in return gives the room a higher focal point.

  1.  Using multifunctional Decor

Multifunctional decor like beds and cabinets can help you utilize your space without taking much space and while utilizing their primary functions and letting you store things is a win-win situation.

  1.  Using Bookcases  

Using bookshelves or cases that cover the entire walls from floor to ceiling can help you utilize walls without overcrowding the room and while giving the room a nice detail.

The bookshelves will also help in giving off a nice illusion of bigger rooms for apartments with low ceiling heights.

  1.  Showing a leg or two

Using decor with raised legs will make give a view of the underneath which, in return gives a much roomier appearance and a breezy atmosphere.

  1.  Creating Partitions

Partitions can be a brilliant way of adding space by creating the illusion of more rooms. They’re also incredibly elegant and can customized according to your room theme, therefore can act as a statement maker.

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