What is Maximalism? Interior Designers Dish on the ‘More is More’ Approach

We often hear the phrase – one should become a minimalist to live within one’s means and understand the importance of ‘less is more’. It is all about getting rid of excess items and using only the things you need. While this approach will help our society and future generations, the opposite is becoming popular among younger generations, particularly millennials. 

Maximalism is all about letting your creative energies flow to achieve your dream house. It is about designing your interiors featuring colors, shapes, tones, and textures to create an over-the-top space. Contrary to the minimalist style, a maximalist will insist on ‘more is more’. 

Let’s explore this new interior design trend that is taking the world by storm and understand how to use maximum space to decorate your dream house that would look nothing short of a classy Pinterest home!

The philosophy of maximalism can be summarised as an ‘aesthetic of excess’ which finds a more natural habitat in Indian homes than its counter-style minimalism for Indians are culturally inclined to collect and treasure their memories with their homes. As opposed to minimalism that is devoid of patterns and bold colors, this trend looks for bright pinks, Fuschia, vibrant greens, and deep hues that set off the mood for the room. It also incorporates motifs like paisley, chevron, etc. to bring some character and charm to the room. To look at a maximalist home is to get a sense of what the inside of a person’s brain might look like — the places they’ve visited, their heritage, the random objects they’ve amassed over a lifetime. Living a maximalist life is all about striving for personalization and comfort rather than perfection. 

Here are some ways to create a space with maximum cheer while not worrying about it being too much.

  • Add loads of colors and your favorite art pieces
  • Make space for everything rather than placing it anywhere 
  • Transform your small living room design by adding plants and vintage elements 
  • Try and stick to common colors and patterns to repeat through the room 
  • Explore your style and find your vibe through imperfection 

Finally, have fun with pattern play and vibrant colors when designing a maximalist home, and don’t forget about the importance of joy which is a fundamental element of maximalist design because of the vibrancy and energy that hits you when you walk into a well-decorated maximalist space should induce happiness and make you feel light and comfortable. Decorate without the pressure of achieving perfection but with the zeal of making new memories and creating your own home which would tell a lot about your aesthetics, likes, and creativity. Try hopping on the maximalism trend and do share your experiences with us!

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