Modern Luxury Living Room Designs

Contrary to common assumption, a living room is much more than a plush sofa and an amazing gathering setup. A living room provides a unique view at a dweller’s design taste as one of the most heavily trafficked sections of the house, second only to the kitchen. Because the living room is the setting for private happy hours and nice nights in, it’s critical that it has the correct ambiance.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and this common space is no exception. There is no one way to arrange a living room, whether you want to keep it simple, use a bright colour palette, or experiment with a statement-making light fixture.

1.Don’t Make It Too Precious to Live In

There are two things that can make people feel uncomfortable in a living room. First, is the layout. For instance, the position of your sofa set might be facing away from the door, or your setup might seem as if one needs to pass a labyrinth before they can sit down.

Second, it might be too precious. It houses a collection of expensive and delicate home accessories that can make people worry that they may accidentally break something, or it looks like the receiving area of a fancy hotel that it feels intimidating just being there.

Hence, strive to make your living room as open and homey as possible.

2.Go for Sleek Furniture

Another element that can unify the look of your modern living room design is furniture. Consider your space as a stage. Your furniture pieces are your main characters while the other elements serve as a background to frame them.

If you have used patterns and textures too much in the background, then it can serve as visual rest to choose sleek and solid-colored pieces. On the other hand, if you believe that your living room needs more pops of color in it, then take this opportunity to get more intricately detailed furniture pieces.

3.Hang a Mirror

Double the amount of sunlight in your room by bouncing the light off reflective surfaces. “It helps to completely mirror a wall or to add a decorative mirror opposite the windows to bring in the light,”
Decorating with a mirror wall can elevate any space. Mirror walls tend to do very well in small rooms. Having a reflective surface that runs floor to the ceiling helps give the room an illusion that it is bigger than what it truly is. There are endless possibilities with a mirror wall. Maybe a whole mirror wall seems overwhelming, having storage spaces like cabinetry and such feature mirrors that take up the doors, could be a perfect choice for your space.

4.Elevate The Space By Adding Indoor Planters

Things like height, texture, and layering are simple tools that you can use to create a plant-filled living room or other space of your dreams.A common rule of thumb for styling a space is to avoid even-numbered groupings as paired items tend to look a touch formal. A classic combination is a group of three, but so long as you keep the number of plants in each grouping an odd number they should look great. Plants can play a big role in establishing variation within a space with their differing textures in foliage.
When arranging your plants don’t forget to explore areas at eye level or higher. Utilizing the leading lines of a plant’s leaves can be the perfect way to draw attention to a certain area of the room. Lastly, No matter how beautifully you arrange indoor plants, things will start to look pretty ugly if their basic needs like light and humidity aren’t met. Make sure your plants get adequate light where they’re placed, and aren’t too close to air vents, heaters, or ACs.

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