Design and style selections are critical in each area of the household. But trends are something which keeps on changing year on year.

Going ahead with the standard trend is one aspect, but following the present trend makes you somewhat different from other surrounded people. 

Similarly, there are different kitchen trend, which keeps on changing.

Kitchen trends to avoid – 5 features designers are rethinking in 2022

•       White Kitchen

•       Open kitchen

•       Matching colourful appliances

•       Painted kitchen cabinets

•       Brass hardware

White Kitchen

All the white kitchens give a classic and royal look, it might be soothing for the eyes, but this might be disappearing soon, as all white kitchens look more cold and sterile.

It also takes a lot more maintenance as compared to other colour combinations so; this might also repeal people from the design choice.

Instead, we should use light popular neutral colours, which give you a clean spa like the monochromatic look.

As per experts green will be the upcoming colour trend as it looks beautiful with hardwood.

Open Kitchen

One of the biggest kitchen trends of the 21st century is the open kitchen concept, but the current focus of interior designers is to make kitchens easy to work in.

It can be replaced by room dividers or glass partitions, which means that it will make the area private when the need arises. As the kitchen includes cooking, eating, and cleaning having them in a specified area will make to organize things efficiently.

Matching colourful appliances

Appliances are the biggest investment for kitchens, if we choose a good quality product it will last for decades. But it is not essential to buy appliances of matching colour, as buying such products might compromise the quality.

Secondly matching interiors are in trend, but buying products in the different colour compositions will be led to feeling too purposeful and put together in space.

Painted kitchen cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets are not as durable as wooden or unpainted cabinets. As well as painting cabinets is a time-consuming process because it requires 2-3 coats of paint.

This will shift towards natural wooden cabinetry.

Brass hardware

Though brass has been in trend for a very long, as per experts, the metal may be going out of style.

One of the trends which everyone must be avoiding is brass fixtures and finishes throughout our kitchen, as finishes come and go.

Use brass but only for light fixtures so that they can easily be changed out.

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