Because bathroom fittings aren’t something you buy every day. Therefore, you should never skimp on them. This is a one-time investment made while constructing or repairing your home. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Bathroom Fittings & Sanitary Brands in India that offer the CHEAPEST GOOD QUALITY BATHROOM FITTINGS IN INDIA

If you’re unsure which bathroom fitting brand to choose, read our fast guide to learn more about the finest bathroom fitting brands.


1. Johnson

Johnsons is a well-known brand in India. You may be familiar with its best infant care products, napkins, and other items, but bathroom fittings are also among the many products it produces.

Bath fixtures, toilets, cisterns, and other Johnson bathroom equipment are also available. This brand is practically one of India’s greatest bathroom fittings companies. At a very low price, you receive international level quality and design. Johnson Bathroom Fittings are available at a discounted price on Amazon.

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2. Eros Standard 

Eros Standard is well-known in India for its high-end sanitary ware. The company’s manufacturing facility are located in Gujarat and also other cities near. They create bathroom fixtures that are both unique and inventive. It is one of India’s top bathroom fittings and sanitation brands.

Sanitary ware from Eros Standard is distinguished for its quality, design, and functionality. With its exceptional items, the business aims to make your bathroom the most desired comfort zone. Wall mounted basins, closets, and platform basins are among the brand’s most popular products. On Amazon, you can find Eros Standard Sanitary ware at a discount and purchase bathroom fittings.


3. RAK Ceramics

This brand has a lot to offer, from sanitary ware to bathroom ceramics. This brand is unrivalled worldwide when it comes to bathroom ceramic. It is one of India’s leading manufacturers of bathroom accessories.

If you’re looking for a designer bathroom fittings brand in India, RAK Ceramics is the place to go. Tiles, bath ware, faucets, and porcelain dinnerware are all part of the brand’s renowned designer assortment.


4. Roca

Roca is India’s largest bathroom fittings and accessories brand. It features a diverse range of items. This brand climbed the success ladder in the shortest possible time because of its outstanding bathroom accessories in India.

Basins, faucets, toilets, baths, shower trays, mirrors, urinals, and so on are all available from Roca. It is one of the greatest Indian bathroom fittings brands, with a focus on cutting-edge designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Roca has introduced Spanish design and technology to India. As a result, their bathroom fixtures have a particular European flavor to them.¬† You can acquire Roca bathroom fixtures at a wonderful price on amazon. It is one of India’s most prestigious luxury and premium bathroom fixtures brands.

5. Hindware

In India, Hindware began in the 1960s using Chinese Sanitaryware. After 60 years, Hindware has become the most well-known brand in the Indian bathroom fittings market. Thus, the company has four manufacturing facilities in India.

You can bring exceptional quality and unique design home with this brand. In India, this brand specializes in Italian bathroom fittings. Hindware bathroom fittings have everything you need to create an international design for your bathroom.

Faucets, washbasins, water closets, showers, urinals, cisterns, bathtubs, and accessories are all part of the Hindware Sanitaryware line.


6. Somany

Somany is a rapidly expanding bathroom fittings brand in India. It has gained popularity due to its unique designs and also contemporary style. This brand offers a wide range of sanitaryware goods, each with its own distinct personality.

Who said restrooms had to be dull? You may create an elegant look with Somany bathroom fixtures. Cisterns, water closets, seat covers, health faucets, vanity basins, and cabinet basins are all manufactured by Somany. Somany bathroom fittings are available for purchase on Amazon.


7. Jaquar


With five manufacturing facilities across India, Jaquar is a major luxury bathroom fittings business. In a given year, Jaquar produces roughly 24 million Sanitary ware. This company specializes in showers, free-standing bathtubs, and other sanitary ware that can make your bathroom look more elegant.

Jaquar Sanitary ware is known for providing exceptional performance. The cordless rain shower, body jets, and accessories, all of which are fully remote controlled, are Jaquar’s most remarkable invention to date.


8. Cera

Cera is a relatively new bathroom fittings manufacturer that has quickly established itself. Cera’s production unit is located in Gujarat, and it produces over 3 million sanitary ware goods each year.

Cera made its debut with tiles before moving on to bathroom installation. They now provide a wide range of bathroom fittings, including faucets, showers, bathtubs, jacuzzi, washbasins, kitchen sinks, and vitrified floor and wall tiles.


9. Kohler

Kohler is a sanitary ware company from the United States. It is known around the world for its high quality and best sanitary fittings. It has over 40 locations and is also extremely famous in India.

Kohler is one of India’s greatest luxury bathroom fittings businesses. Hence, it has over 13000 patents in its name for sanitary fittings. Faucets, toilets, and showers are among Kohler’s top offerings. Kohler is also a prominent kitchen fitting brand in India.


10. Parryware

Parryware is a well-known bathroom fittings brand in India, and it has just joined with Roca. It has seven factories in India that produce bathroom fixtures.

Electronic toilets are Parryware’s most popular product. Antimicrobial seating is also included with Parryware’s smart toilets. This company is the first to think of such an intriguing concept. Parryware is noted for its excellent design, which sets it apart from other Indian bathroom fittings brands.



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