Bathrooms are an integral part of any home. It is no surprise that the recent trends in Indian bathroom design indicate the emergence of colours. Interestingly, adding the right amount of colour in an overall neutral tone of a bathroom breaks the monotony and brings a personal touch to the bathroom design. Moreover, most cities and states in India experience hot summer months every year. It’s a smart idea to organise your house’s interior design around these environmental conditions in order to easily adjust to them. One can use cooling materials like marble, use a brighter colour scheme or use diaphanous fabrics for the furnishings to move away from a normal Indian bathroom design. Similarly, you may experiment with earthen-toned tiles which will serve as both an homage to Indian culture and act as a soothing colour scheme. Here are the best colour schemes for an Indian bathroom to make the place a bit more interesting!


1. Light shades of blue and white

beautiful indian bathroom designs

Pale or coastal blue with white is an utterly serene colour combination. It brightens up the entire room. The combination is perfect for a small Indian bathroom that does not get too much natural light. Moreover, there is psychology of colour involved as they evoke feelings of tranquillity, nourishment, and solace.

2. Black and white

beautiful indian bathroom designs

Black and white is undoubtedly the classic colour combination. From traditional Indian bathroom design to a modern, uptown look, the black and white colour combination goes well with every style. For a more impactful look, you can add yellow lights to fill the room.

3. Pink and black

beautiful indian bathroom designs

The bathroom is the first place toy go to after waking up in the morning. Colours like pink and lavender energize the room and give it a bright and modern tone. Contrasting the power of pink with the shades of black leaves the Indian bathroom design looking even more impressive and appealing.

4. Ombre shades of paint

This new technique of painting has gained wide popularity over the years. Ombre is graduating from a lighter shade of the colour to its dark shade. It is a micro-trend of the season. The best part about ombre is that it gives a modern bathroom colour as well as a rich country scheme to your minimalistic bathroom. Colours like blue, orange and pink perform wonders in an ombre effect.

5. Red, white and black

Bathroom colour scheme

Undeniably sleek and urban, this color combination works in the contemporary bathroom as well as in other spaces. White grout defines the black tiles, and red plumbing casings set off the unique black fixtures. Very cool-chic.

Coming up with a good colour scheme for your Indian bathroom is incredibly important. But you can also change it up and go for a tiles-oriented bathroom.

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