How to design a small bathroom for a simple Indian Home

Are you looking out for How to design a small bathroom for a simple Indian home? Do you want to incorporate a bathroom but in a small space? Wish to have a sleek and elegant Bathroom in a compact space?

Need not worry. We are here for you!

What makes a simple classic bathroom, Is it the size? Not really!

However, a simple yet sleek bathroom completely depends on how you design and decorate the space. Even if your bathroom space is tiny, still, you can get the Bathroom of your fantasy.

Here are some easy-to-implement tricks that are perfect for small Indian bathrooms.

  1. Lightening

Having lights placed in the correct position plays a very important role in elevating the look of a Bathroom.


Lightening to design a small bathroom in a simple indian home

LED lights, Spotlights, or mirror lights can be put to design a small bathroom for a simple Indian Home.

2. Wallpaper

The best way to design a wall is by adding a pop of color to the wall. Therefore, Wallpapers are the best way to remodel the look of your Bathroom. These are convenient and Budget-Friendly options to revamp a Simple small Bathroom.

big mirror
grey wallpaper to elevate the look of the bathroom

3. Vertical space for storage

Storage becomes a problem when it comes to adjusting in a small bathroom. Vertical space storage takes less space and therefore, solves the problem of storage in small spaces.



4.  Natural Lights

Natural lights help in making a space appear bigger. You can add in a few windows keeping the privacy factor in mind.  In addition, you can add transparent glass to separate the space if needed. This will help in remodeling a small bathroom.


5.  Tiles on the walls

If you are someone who likes to go with the trends. this one is for you. Tiles on the walls give an aesthetic look to the bathroom and will uplift the overall look. Also, use bigger tiles for a seamless effect.

tiles for small bathrooms in a simple indian home


6.  Green Bathroom

Adding greenery to the bathroom either on walls or by putting plants can help in getting a sleek and elegant simple bathroom. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly way to escalate the look of your Bathroom.

house plants
bringing the outdoors inside

7.  Light walls

Light walls make the space look bigger whereas, dark walls make the space look compact. so, make sure to add in light colors where ever possible. Similarly, you can also put light shade furniture instead of dark tones.




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