Simple yet Classy Bathroom Design Tips

classy and modern small bathroom designs for Indian homes
The shower partition and muted colours give a modern look to any bathroom.

This blog will provide a few tips to create a simple and classy bathroom space for Indian homes. High-end magazines would have you fooled by the way they manipulate the costs of making a stylish and decent looking bathroom. They would quote a change from A to B, from B to C and so on and so forth. However, the changes from A to M end up costing a lot of money, time and effort. There are, however, a few simple tricks one can apply in order to manifest the bathroom of your dreams. Let’s start with a few simple components that make up a bathroom. Bathroom designs differ in all income groups, primarily because of what is considered ‘important’. What we will take into consideration is, therefore, the absolute essentials of a restroom. A mirror, a toilet, a little cupboard to support all the relevant condiments, a washbasin, faucets and a shower head attached with the same. 

What not to do:

Let’s talk about the no-nos with respect to bathroom designs. Poorly planned piping goes a long way in destroying the placement of all the sanitaryware, on which, most of the design depends. Therefore, consulting your plumber prior to making any changes helps one chart the right course, apart from helping you realize what is and is not feasible in your plan. One must realize that function trumps form, in a practical space such as the bathroom. 

What can be done:

A shower screen goes a long way in separating the bathroom area, making it look neater. The decor themed on rivers and water bodies by using items like pebbles, wavey tiles, and atmospheric lighting helps give your bathroom a modern look. Making use of a vanity mirror, or a seemingly weird mirror might also elevate the look of your bathroom. Muted or dull colours, along with the incorporation of botanicals helps give your bathroom a modular look. 


All in all, one should keep exploring the various different options, from localised markets to consolidated stores.  For more bathroom designing tips, click here.

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