what are some good alternatives for ceramic bathroom tiles

Bathroom Tile Alternatives for a New and Fresh Look

Tiles are a classic, popular option for bathroom walls as they are relatively low-maintenance and incredibly durable. But if you are the kind who likes to take the road less travelled, there are plenty of alternatives available for bathroom tiles that are stylish, long-lasting and possibly more budget-friendly.s attractive as they can be, ceramic tiles and floor tiles in general, made of real stone or marble, have disadvantages. One drawback is that they have a much harder surface, which can be hard on the feet. And unless you have subfloor heating installed, they can be rather chilly, especially when you make your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

Bathroom Tile

Moving away from bathroom tile was a big relief for us. We don’t miss the filthy grout at all. So much so, that it took us a vacation trip to realize how bad the tile is. Our vacation rental had a bathroom tile flooring and the filth would just accumulate in the grout.

And it just proves how tiling is a bad option for both the bathroom floor and walls. You have dirt accumulating on the floor, tile grout, and mold on the walls. The maintenance is a nightmare! How ceramic tile has survived over the decades is beyond me (I suppose the classic look pays its dues.)

Today, we’re leaving the tile behind and looking over fresh new ways to set up a bathroom. As you will see in a moment, you don’t even have to give up the look to move away from the tile (panels, fiber glass, and wallpaper can provide the same look.

And while not all options on the list are cheaper than the tile, there are some great affordable options too. One this is for sure, all of these options are much easier to clean. This is a great list, so check out all of the alternatives.

What will you choose?

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Natural Wood
  3. Cork
  4. Bamboo
  5. Paint
  6. Waterproof Wallpaper

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